I travel from place to place in Eastern Iowa and orchestrate fun and laid-back social painting parties. There is no studio, so my public events are held at different restaurants in the Marion/ Cedar Rapids area.

You don’t need to have any painting experience to have a great time AND bring home something hand-painted and beautiful. If you’re looking for a little creativity and variety in your life, look no further!

I now offer Gift Certificates!

Do you know someone who would love to attend one of my events?  These make great gifts!

I strive to make all of my events laid-back and fun - I do not want you to be stressed out, so just relax and I think you’ll be impressed with how well your artwork turns out. We go step-by-step, and I paint right along with you. My classes usually last between 2-3 hours, so that makes for a great time to create something beautiful, chat with your friends, and maybe meet some new people.  I hope you’ll join me soon at a public event or a private party!